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Aluminum Plate
  ¡¤Aluminum Plate
  ¡¤Aluminum Plate
  ¡¤Aluminum Plate
  ¡¤packed aluminum plate
Aluminum Foil
  ¡¤Aluminum Foil
  ¡¤Aluminum foil
  ¡¤Aluminum Foil
  ¡¤Packed aluminum foil
  ¡¤Aluminum foil
Aluminum Tape
  ¡¤Aluminum Tape
  ¡¤Aluminum Tape
  ¡¤Aluminum Tape
  ¡¤Aluminum Tape
  ¡¤Aluminum Tape
Aluminum Coils
  ¡¤Aluminum-plastic composite panel base
  ¡¤Aluminum Coils
  ¡¤Aluminium coils packing
  ¡¤PS Board base
  ¡¤aluminum coils packing
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Excellent: The excellent quality of Jianyuan is the foundation of long lasting in the  


Fast: To meet the needs of marker and deliver the products as soon as possible is the

key feature of Jiayuan.

Strict: The norm management is the basic quarantee for the healthy and continuous

developing of the enterprise

Professional: Concentring and specialize in aluminum alloy researching and

manufacturing,do as further and meticulous as possible in field of  industry, as affecter and huger in the scale of the scale of the brand and business.

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